“Our Lands”

“Our Lands” is the hauntingly beautiful song off the recently released EP “Forever Us”, from Kiwi singer-songwriter Daniel Rata and Eurovision Song Contest winner John Gordon.

The combination of Daniel’s unique voice, the talents of Danish award-winning Producer John Gordon and the collaboration of renowned kiwi-musician Alistair Fraser creates a track that is culturally rich and emotionally engaging.

Producer John Gordon has worked with the biggest names in the industry and co-wrote the song that won Germany the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in 28 years, which went on to top the European music charts.

Daniel has collaborated with Gordon on several European pop-styled tracks including his recently-released title track for his third EP, “Forever Us”.  He achieved great success in the US with their track “Sunshine”, produced by Grammy-nominated John Ravenhall and profiled by L.A based A&R Worldwide.

Already “Our Lands” is set to be a great success.

Inspired by his father’s battle to have his native lands returned, the soulful lyrics depict warrior strength and courage, the fight for respect and a sense of belonging to the past, present and future.

“These lands were passed down from my grandmother and it was her “Ohaki” for my father to have them. But the lands were taken from him and he fought for years to have them returned.

It wasn’t until my father passed that I began to understand he was not only fighting to have his mother’s wishes honoured but also for his ‘identity’. Our lands connect us all to our past, our ancestors and they are part of who we are.”

Daniel Rata

Following his father’s passing Daniel took up the mantel to have his family lands returned, a burden that his father had carried for many years.  Inspired and compelled by his father’s story he wrote “Our Lands” to honour his memory, his heritage and his fight for justice.

The track incorporates nine traditional Māori instruments, all performed by renowned musician Alistair Fraser, the leading practitioner of ngā taonga pūoro. Fraser has performed, composed and collaborated with New Zealand’s finest artists, and his collaboration with Daniel on “Our Lands” creates a rich and soulful sound.

Featuring the voice of Kiwa Whatarau the words in Māori speak of the trauma that indigenous people feel from the loss of their lands and the injustices of government.

Nei rā tō okiokinga (Here is your final resting place)
Ka haria ki tō ūkaipō ([We] carry you to your homeland)
Te whenua i whānakohia (The lands that were stolen)
Te ngākau apo, te pakanga i kitea (The greed, the battle [you] observed)
Te hakorea o te Pākeha (The ineptitude of the white man)
Te pae o te riri, tō tūrangawaewae (The battlefield, your standing place)

Celebrating the surrounds of Daniel’s upbringing, the accompanying “Our Lands” video will draw upon the wonder and power of his cultural background and his homeland of New Zealand.


John Gordon: Production
John Gordon & Sune Hånsbæk: Mix
HP Mastering: Mastering
Daniel Rata: Vocals, Songwriter & Composer
Alistair Fraser: ngā taonga pūoro- Traditional Māori Musical Instruments
Kiwa Whatarau: Voice Credit in Māori

“Intriguing, political and daring. On the EP “Forever Us” Daniel Rata shows his bold vocal tones juxtaposed against sweeping Scandinavian electro-pop and pacific guitar.”
Jackson Lavell, Music editor

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